Our History

CIMAS was founded in 1992 by Thomas Ciaraffo and is based in San Diego. Originally CIMAS serviced banks, auto dealers, and Credit Unions. Within a few years after its founding CIMAS began to focus entirely on credit unions.

Our People

Thomas Ciaraffo is the President of CIMAS. He founded CIMAS in 1992. Prior to founding CIMAS he was an Actuary for Transamerica Commercial Finance and after founding CIMAS he continued as consulting actuary for several years. Previously to working for Transamerica he was vice president and Actuary for Beneficial Insurance Group. Thomas became a member of The American Academy of Actuaries in 1981. In 1986, Thomas received his MBA from Colombia Business School. He has over thirty years in the insurance business.
Jason Ciaraffo is the Vice President of CIMAS. He joined CIMAS in 2003. Prior to joining CIMAS Jason worked as a Cisco Certified Network Engineer for several companies. Most recently he worked for Openwave systems. Previously he worked for Lanspeed, a network integration company. In 1998, He graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Mathematics.

Our Products

Credit Life and Credit Disability, GAP Protection, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Home Warranty, Identity Theft

Our Service

CIMAS is a Managing General Agent and an Actuarial-consulting firm. We have many years of expertise working exclusively with credit unions. Credit unions rely on us as an outsource for managing their insurance products. We advise credit unions so they can make well-informed decisions about their insurance programs. CIMAS provides service at the credit union level as well as at the member level. Regardless of who calls we solve the issue.